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Travel COVID Safe Auditor
Advisory Board and Ambassador Membership

TCS Auditor

is a position for someone who will be trained on how to audit organizations who are in the process of receiving the Travel COVID Safe Accreditation. We aim to hire locally to promote job opportunities in the country that has been affected by COVID-19 in terms of the travel and tourism industry.

This allows an individual to take a leadership role in their community by reactivating the hospitality industry while keeping it safe for everyone.

A TCS Auditor is an individual who demonstrates a commitment to reassuring the standards and procedures are accurately being used for the Travel COVID Safe community.

Participating TCS Auditor are offered the following benefits:

- Networking in the travel safety segment of the -Tourism and Travel industry
- Opportunities for professional development
- Education in travel health standards and criteria from content experts
- Playing a role in positively impacting the future of the Travel and Tourism industry
- Attend the annual The New Normal in Travel forum at a discounted

Join Our Board and Help Us Reactivate Our Industry

Our advisory board and ambassador membership seeks to have a diverse mix of leaders from different segments of the industry and different parts of the world.

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Tourism and Travel industry's first and only COVID-19 safety accrediting body based on
health standards as dictated by the
Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).

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