Accreditation Process

Health and Safety Accreditation designed for the Tourism Industry

Travel COVID Safe accreditation follows a flexible and personalized process that integrates the use of advisers with best practices from the tourism industry to facilitate and streamline the accreditation process.

Accreditation Process:


Step 1 - Meet your Coach

After the acceptance of your request, your own coach will be assigned for the accreditation process. At this point, you will need to designate someone within your organization to be the administrator of the WorkSuite. This person will serve as the primary point of contact with the coach and will be responsible for completing the protocol documentation process.

Your coach will review the protocols and documentation as they are uploaded to the WorkSuite and compare your processes with the criteria derived from the CDC. This will let you know if your processes meet the criteria and if not, identify what needs to be resolved. The coach will also be able to assist in finding solutions and how to use the repository of best practices to help find solutions that help during accreditation - reducing the time and stress related to other accreditation programs.

As you work on your WorkSuite, your coach will:

- Advise on the WorkSuite
- Answer questions that arise
- Help keep accreditation on track
- Assist with the search for other solutions

Step 2 - Virtual Worksuite

First Audit

Not knowing how to start is a common problem during a traditional accreditation. With Travel COVID Safe, it's easy.

In Worksuite, your chosen administrator will address each of its protocols and procedures in regards to COVID-19. The administrator will be able to track your progress, control your time management and receive expert advice, all with the help of your Travel COVID Safe coach.

One of the first questions that is asked before starting is: How long does the process take? The answer really depends on your organization, the quantity and services it offers, and the quality of the processes you already have in place, and how much time your administrator spends on Worksuite. On average, it takes three to four weeks for a midsize hotel to complete the Worksuite portion.

The Travel COVID Safe Worksuite provides:

- Guidance in accordance with standards
- Administrative organization systems
- Comparative evaluation and processes to share protocols with the members of the consortia
- Repository of documents and protocols

Step 3 - Master Examiner

Second Audit

After the Worksuite has been completed, it is time to have the master examiner approve that the procedures and protocols providing a COVID safe environment are met.

You will receive a short pre-inspection form after which you will be contacted by an auditor to make a more detailed statement about your processes and protocols. At the end, you will have a phone interview for final checks. The ultimate goal is to help you feel well prepared, comfortable, and safe for when you have a live inspection of your location.

The Travel COVID Safe Master Examiner provides:

- Pre-visit interview form
- Telephone interview
- A deep attestation of its processes and protocols
- Audit tools

Step 4 - Site Inspection

Third Audit

The site inspection entails a rigorous but smooth process that validates that the procedures and standards are being practiced by the organization. A highly trained Travel COVID Safe auditor will determine if the necessary standards are implemented by using our designed index and seeing it in action. The auditor will record details, monitor control practices and eventually approve or unapprove the Travel COVID Safe Accreditation.

Your local auditor will contact you to give you an idea of ​​when you will be able to have your attestation live - this is the time when you can crow about your services!

The live inspection includes:

- Virtual or live audit on the premises
- Record details and monitor control practices
- Assess the COVID safe standards and procedures created by Travel COVID Safe which are derived from the CDC
- Approve or unapprove the Travel COVID Safe accreditation

Step 5 - Get Accreditation

Congratulations! Upon completion of the accreditation process, we will send your organization an accreditation letter, an accreditation certificate, and Travel COVID Safe logos and decals. In addition, we will notify your country's tourism chamber, ASTA, WTTC, and if it is prudent, Virtuoso®, Traveler-Made® and Travel Leaders® about your successful accreditation. Your organization will be named on the TravelCOVIDSafe website and will also be admitted to the Travel COVID Safe consortium in order to have continuous access to industry protocols.

If you would like to continue your accreditation, the CAT Program has been created to keep you up-to-date with new standards and procedures from the CDC along with the guidance of a Travel COVID Safe coach who will help you implement them in the correct way. Learn more information below about the CAT Program and additional services provided by Travel COVID Safe.

Travel Covid Safe accreditation includes:

- A letter certifying your accreditation
- Accreditation certificate, electronic logos and decals
- Notifications about their accreditation to the national chamber of tourism, ASTA, and WTTC, and if required also to Virtuoso®, Traveler-Made®, and Travel Leaders®
- Eligibility for Travel COVID Safe Plus accreditation and CAT (Continuous Training and Accreditation) program
- Recognition on our website

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Unique Plans for a Uniquely Diverse Travel & Tourism Industry


Accreditation Pricing

Tier 1: $1,499

Tier 2: $2,999

Tier 3: $4,999

Tier 4: $6,999


The pricing tier for an organization depends on the industry and scope of services. For example, a hotel’s accreditation for the three years will cost USD$6,999, while a small lodge’s would cost USD$4,999. For some of the less intricate services such as Car Rentals and Travel Agencies, the costs are $2,999 and $1,499. 

Consortia Pricing

Starting at $19 monthly / $199 annually 


Accreditation Plus Pricing

$250 per accreditation

Travel COVID Safe accredited organizations are businesses in the Travel and Tourism industry that meet the highest criteria of verified social and environmental COVID-19 safety protocols, public transparency, and industry cooperation for a unified set of standards. 

It takes an average of 4-5 weeks, from start to end, for properties that already have well-established safety protocols.

Consortia Membership

For a monthly fee, any industry trade organization can form part of the Travel COVID Safe consortium and access industry protocols utilized by the accredited organizations as well as up-to-date CDC travel industry guidelines. Consortium members will also be able to attend industry specific webinars and training sessions. 

Please note that being part of the consortium does not grant you the right to use the Accreditation Logo. 


Accreditation Plus   

Organizations that are already accredited or are in the process of accreditation can strive for the Accreditation PLUS designation by meeting extra requirements that integrate safety standards with collaborating vendors and merchants.

This drives the highest level of customer trust as it discloses that not only do you take COVID safety seriously, but that you work with organizations of the same mindset.    

CAT Program (Continuous Accreditation and Training)

After you receive the Travel COVID Safe Accreditation, you can continue your accreditation and training with the CAT Program. The CAT Program is designed to not only keep you up-to-date with new CDC guidelines but also help you with keeping your organization COVID free by applying the new procedures and protocols with the guidance of a coach. 

Tourism and Travel industry's first and only COVID-19 safety accrediting body based on
health standards as dictated by the
Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).

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